ZK/U Openhaus Berlin 2014

Performance-installation, collaboration with Fabiano Marques and Fabricio Poltronieri, 5 Performers, various setups.

Neighbours, neighbours, neighbours
Have I got neighbours?
Have I got neighbours?
All day and all night” –
M. Jagger/K. Richards

Participants of the performance were distributed in different rooms of the building, and communicated through a virtual system, in which each performer could choose a channel of sounds of another performer and respond to it. This performers sound was also sent to all other performers. A mesh of interconnected improvisations was built up. Visitors were able to walk into the different rooms. Every participant used their own media of sound production, like acoustic instruments, objects, electronic devices and programs.

Members of the performance Neighbours interact without bodily or visual presence, creating a new body of sound that wanders through the architecture and virtual net, creating another way of communication. Performers could choose to which of the neighbours sound to listen to, and to react or interact. The performance was as long as the Openhaus opening hours, performers were free to perform at any time, attending or not the call of their neighbours.

“The public may enter the sound loop at any point with an active presence, which may influence the musician and, potentially, change the sound message transmitted. We all feel an instinctive call to keep communication in flow. The idea is that even without knowing how it will be heard, each participant understands the importance in receiving the message, making the sound their own, and passing it on to their neighbours.” – Fabiano Marques.

I was located in the kitchen and my materials where diverse metallic objects and tools, little stones and wood objects for making sounds that were recorded and transmitted in real time.