Crematory Südstern Berlin 2017

3 sound channels: 2 loudspeakers, 1 transducer and metalplate, neon lights. Repeating 20 min composition.

The invisible container of the elevator from the altar to the underground area of the crematory becomes a resonating body through the attached transducer, which also makes a metal plate facing upwards vibrate. 2 loudspeakers facing also up emitt the sounds of a full, vibrant stream, a loud constant current of noises, which fills the room. From the sonic differences in between the resonating metalplate and the loudspeakers different sonic effects emerge while walking through the room. The verticality of the very high built altar area is enhaced, by everything being orientated towars the ceiling window. Abstract and weather noises stream from down to up. Different areas over- and underground are connected through sound. The sound stream breaks at the end, leaving a sudden silence, leaving the stage to light and shadow contrasts and the continuing soundstream of our memory.