bardo / བར་དོ་



2 channel soundinstallation, light, coppertubes, former crematory at Südstern Berlin 2016

Bardo (from the Tibetan བར་དོ་ intermediate state, in-between state, transitional state) is the constant moment in between past and future: the Now. It is the transforming present, the change from one state into another, the lasting moment, the flow of nowness. Sounds of  cymbals travel trough copper tubes resounding from all directions of the passageway. The origin of the cymbals becomes difficult to locate, trough the complex oscillations of the copper. This installation was located at the underground area of the former crematory at Südstern in Berlin and was part of the exhibition Heptahedral, 2016.

DSC00290      DSC00390b

> listen to an excerpt of a recording at the installation: