བར་དོ་ – bardo


བར་དོ་ (Bardo)


Crematory Südstern, Berlin 2016

3 channels: transducer, copper tubes, light source, gold foil. Transforming loop.

Bardo (from the Tibetan བར་དོ་ – intermediate state, in-between state, transitional state) relates to the constant evolving moment in between past and future: the Now. It is the change from one state into another, a flowing transformation of realities. This installation was located in the passageway of the underground area of a former crematory. Architectonically it is a zone in which bodies circulate from one space to another. Copper tubes were integrated into space and played by transducers. The metal of the tubes resonates by sine waves, the sound sources (invisible, hidden behind the copper tubes) become difficult to locate. The passageway points toward a golden shining door, rustling softly in occasional breezes. A sense of strangeness shapes the atmosphere.