são paulo street score

sao_paulo_score_II sao_paulo_score_! sao_paulo_score_I

Projection device, color negative for a  projection on the ceiling or ground in a dark room – object trouvé, visual city noise music, city as performer, time score; Petersburg Art Space Berlin 2018

A found negative becomes a canvas of time in which the urban environment is physically imprinted. It shows a musical scene where musicians improvise on instruments in a public urban looking space. The surface is full of scars, glitches, noises. The negative was found on the streets of down town São Paulo in Brazil. The scratches over the image become a score over layering the scene while creating a ground for synaesthetic perception.

The city acts as a body of action, a performer, a conductor of the visual score, inscribing itself on the image. The city body is made of events, happenings, movements, surfaces – the tension between human bodies and the city structure, its surfaces, its asphalt, paving stones and tiles of its streets. Signs and marks are traces of actions. The city imprints its score and its rhythm, its breath; creating glitches, noises, scratches. Time and movement become fixed on the surface of this negative trough the scars on its surface. Past events are imprinted in a material way on the film and as memory in the image. The city, the movement of its people and the streets are the writers of this score, which the musicians of the image seem to play. This negative enables a synaesthetic perception, creating music for the eyes, inviting us to hear with our eyes.

Friction is sound, sound is friction, is action. Traces in material are rhythm, are sound, sound is trace. The material destruction becomes the construction of a score. Time is imprinted in abstract signs and creates thus a rhythm. Who knows about the history of this negative, how long it circulated the city streets under feet, heels and wheels?