Space21 Festival, Citadel of Erbil (Autonomous Region of Kurdistan in Iraq) 2018

5 sound channels: wearable loudspeakers, performer. 20-30 min.

A soundbody emitting sounds moves inside another body, a container, which resounds and shapes the emitted sounds anew. This soundperformance explores the architectonic acoustic qualities inside the old hammam (traditional oriental public bath) of the historic citadel, which has been inscribed on the Unesco World Heritage List since 2014. The performance started from the outside space towards the inside of the hammam and was performed twice as part of the Space21 Festival 2018. Small wearable loudspeakers attached to the performers body emitted sounds related to water: recordings of a dam, a generator and a copper tube instrument. During the performance, shapes of architecture where explored sonically, such as corners and recesses, with an aim to demonstrate the acoustic qualities of architectonic forms and their influence on sound. The sound was also transformed and directed by hand gestures around the small loudspeakers and body movements.

IMG_1218b.jpgdd64d14b-d10a-44c5-85d4-35ef81cc067b.jpgInside of the old hammam in Erbil, photocredit: Cedrik FermontIMG_1129




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