Foto by Trevor Lloyd


Grabenblicke, Bärenzwinger Berlin 2018

4 sound channels: 3 loudspeakers + 1 subwoofer, 3 lightsources. 30 min composed loop.

Grid is a site-specific sound-light installation at Bärenzwinger Berlin as part of the exhibition Grabenblicke, 2018. The grid is a central element in this site-specific piece, both visually and for the sound distribution in space. This installation uses architecture in various ways: as instrument, as sounding material, as a resonant body, as interface; as an abstract expressionist canvas or sculpture. Light comes through cracks, half open doors and metal bars, drawing a grid of light and shadows on the existing walls. For the first time the off-spaces of this building are integrated in an art installation with this piece. Sound and light cross architectonic barriers, hidden rooms are made hearable through sound, penetrating, and passing through architectural cracks, rooms and grids. Invisible rooms are made perceivable through sonic enlivenment. The location of the sound sources is sometimes hard to draw, as they are positioned invisible to the eye. A deep frequent room exciting drone intermixes with recordings while interacting with objects of the location, the place becomes the instrument.

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