3 sound channels: loudspeakers and subwoofer, closed room and surrounding areas around the closed space, 20 min loop.

Void is an architectonic sonic cube. Sounds emanate from closed doors creating a sense of mystery. Inspired by the ruined old center of Paduli, a space was created which was not accessible for visitors. What are rooms? The mere separation from nature? Here a room is used as a resonant body, becoming a sonic sculpture enclosed by walls. Taking ideas of memory and future as not accessible places which are in constant rearrangement, and time as a cyclically changing matter, the sonic composition shifts between construction and destruction. Tension between between built spaces emanates – broken and complete architecture, penetrable and impenetrable spaces, inside and outside, future and past are juxtaposed – as the Palazzo Ducale lies adjacent to the destroyed historic center of Paduli witnessing its decay. Visitors orbit around the architecture of the palazzo floating in a state of mystery while sounds fade into the atmosphere throughout the surrounding rooms. The composition was made by abstracted recordings from found metallic objects in the ruins.

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