3 sound channels, inside a former pottery kiln, 24 min loop.

Field recordings of different places all over Cairo – as a bustling, hectic, and mostly loud city, transform here into a meditative sonic space. The transformation of and into opposites, this fluctuation of states and emotions, is a special concern in this piece. As life and death are both ends of the same string, everything hosts dualities. We often have the decision and responsibility to choose between these dualities in tension and often we do not realize this opportunity to shape our reality consciously. In many traditions our body is made of elements, including Earth – when we die, we fall to dust again. The organic cavities of the kiln remind organic forms, like the womb that gives birth and the grave that accomodates us. Atmospheric field recordings as well as amplified electromagnetic waves and contact microphone sounds of a bridge were used in this composition.

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