V² – Vertikal Volumen

FK:K IV Festival (2020), Kesselhaus Bamberg, sundinstallation V² – Vertikal Volumen,
copyright Katharina Bévand, image editing Carsten Eisfeld

8 channels, 18 min loop.

A former boiler room is emphasized and acoustically explored in its verticality. For this purpose, sound sources are placed in the two kettles, an adjacent room and in the basement. High frequent sound impulses and low-frequency drones stimulate the resonances of the cavities. The acoustics of the boiler and the cellar shape the aesthetics of the sound and create spatial sonic impulses for the visitors. The echoing room becomes a sonic filter. The clean and cold lightning with neon tubes highlights the architectural shapes of the room, specially the V-shapes of the 2 boilers, and the visual textures of the walls. The architectonic body is exposed to the audience.

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