Body Occupation, Inkubator Collective at Dada Post, Berlin 2020

Turkish tea tray, chains, transducer, amp, WAV Player, 5min loop.

Enchainments was exhibited at a former fish smokery. This piece is a symbolic object, a vibrating metallic instrument, a sound sculpture, exposing like a mirror karmic chains. A big Turkish tea tray becomes an autonomous object, annihilating its horizontal position it is deprived of its usual function of serving and being a support, of being used. By standing up, and sounding, vibrating, it gets a voice. The chains that decorate it, tremble. Shaking the constraining chains, that adorn its body creating the illusion of necklaces, it reclaims liberty. The tea tray breaks the light creating infinite illusory forms on its surface, a pulsating, vibrating cosmic mandala. Handcuffs intertwining form an 8, the number of infinity. In karmic beliefs, everything reflects, repeats and returns infinitely till we break the chains of attachments and our illusory notions of existence.

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