Space21 Festival, Citadel of Erbil (Autonomous Region of Kurdistan in Iraq) 2018

5 sound channels: wearable loudspeakers, performer. 20-30 min.

A soundbody emitting sounds moves inside another body, a container, which resounds and shapes the emitted sounds anew. This soundperformance explores the architectonic acoustic qualities inside the old hammam (traditional oriental public bath) of the historic citadel, which has been inscribed on the Unesco World Heritage List since 2014. The performance started from the outside space towards the inside of the hammam and was performed twice as part of the Space21 Festival 2018. Small wearable loudspeakers attached to the performers body emitted sounds related to water: recordings of a dam, a generator and a copper tube instrument. During the performance, shapes of architecture where explored sonically, such as corners and recesses, with an aim to demonstrate the acoustic qualities of architectonic forms and their influence on sound. The sound was also transformed and directed by hand gestures around the small loudspeakers and body movements.

IMG_1218b.jpgdd64d14b-d10a-44c5-85d4-35ef81cc067b.jpgInside of the old hammam in Erbil, photocredit: Cedrik FermontIMG_1129





Suspension Kopie.jpg


Space21 Festival, Amnasoraka Museum, Suleymaniyah (Autonomous Region of Kurdistan in Iraq) 2018

Daf, dafchains, lightsource.

This installation was installed in a basement of a building belonging to the Amnasuraka Museum in Suleymaniyah (former war prison under Sadam Hussein). In front of its terrible history, my speechlessness materialized through the absence of sound. The Daf – kurdish Traditional frame drum with short chains attached to its inside – is seen here hanging with prolonged chains. The suspended instrument is in a unnatural state of inaction. The sounds and noises of the Daf are silenced, its movement interrupted, it´s freedom and essence of a sounding drum negated.












São paulo Street Score

sao_paulo_score_II sao_paulo_score_! sao_paulo_score_I

São paulo Street Score

Petersburg Art Space, Berlin 2018

Projection device, color negative for a projection on the ceiling or ground in a dark room – object trouvé, visual city noise music, city as performer, time score; Petersburg Art Space Berlin 2018

A found negative becomes a canvas of time in which the urban environment is physically imprinted on its surface. The negative shows a musical scene where musicians improvise on instruments in a public urban space. The surface is full of scars, glitches, noises, scratches. The negative was found on the streets of down town São Paulo in Brazil in 2013. The scratches over the image become a score of the image, visual music. The city acts as a body of action, a performer, inscribing itself on the negative. A city body is made of events, happenings, movements, surfaces – the tension between human bodies and the city structure, its surfaces, its asphalt, paving stones and tiles of its streets. Signs and marks are traces of events. The city imprints its score and its rhythm, its breath. Time and movement become fixed on the surface of this negative through the scars on its surface. Events are imprinted materially on the film and as memory in the image. The city, the movement of its people, weather, machines and the pavement of the streets form the body of writers of this score, which the musicians of the image seem to play. This negative enables a synaesthetic perception, creating music for the eyes, inviting us to hear with our eyes. Friction is sound, sound is friction, is action. Traces in material are rhythm, are sound, sound is trace. The material destruction becomes the construction of a score. Time is imprinted in an abstract and rhythmic way. Who knows about the history of this negative, how long it circulated the city streets under feet, heels and wheels?

raster textures I


Raster Textures I

Petersburg Art Space, Berlin 2018

Soundperformance for variable setup and time frame. Here around 30 min, stereo setup and subwoofer.

Performance collaboration with burgund t brandt. This work in progress enphasizes in the sounds gained through friction and actions on textured surfaces and objects, as well as their hollow bodies. Amplified contact microphones convert things into instruments. Glas- and metal vases as well as other objects were our materials of choice. Over textured layers of abstract noises that sometimes become dronelike, single sound events emerge. 




polyphonic birds


Polyphonic Birds

Klangtour, Kottbuser Tor Berlin 2017

4 sound channels: speakers, bird cages, small lights. 20 min composed loop.

Polyphonic birds weaves abstract sounds into the dense urban public space. The area is known as a multicultural neighbourhood, which shapes its local soundscape into a vivid sonic mesh. This work is inspired by a squeaking fan found on a travel in a restaurant in Thessaloniki sounding like birds. The memory of a sound is contained in a cage which resembles our perception. Others can access through the reproduction of recorded sounds these memories, but never have the same experience as we had. The old birdcages are all different and full of traces and stories, becoming symbolic containers of memories. The captured sounds are re-played into a different space and time, exposed to new perceiving subjects, blending into new surroundings. Sounds are like birds dettached from their original environment. In the complex and busy acoustic urban space, the sounds of this intervention fade into the thick atmospheric whole of the city scape. There is a flower shop, there is a tree, there is a kurdish restaurant. Unlike birds, sounds are capable of escaping cages.

> listen to an excerpt of a recording at the installation:

P1040460dUnbenannt-1P1040692 KopieP1040575dP1040578c

sun in your head


Sun in your head

Soundcomposition with fieldrecordings

Sound composition inspired and made for Wolf Vostell’s videowork “Sun in your head” (1963) which used his principles of “Décollage” and was initially part of a series of happenings. The work of this artist is a silent black and white video piece.

> listen to an excerpt (total duration 7.12 min):










Big Water Reservoir Berlin 2017

4 sound channels: loudspeakers, metaltubes (3m, 5m, 6m, and 8m long). 30 min composed loop.

This site-specific soundinstallation explores the acoustics of the former water reservoir in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg, which has long been the host of the Singuhr Hörgalerie. Architecture becomes an active organic element to the installation, shaping the sound and its distribution, almost seeimng a being on its own. Objects, bodies and the building act as filters in an simbiotic interrelated interaction, which shapes the sonic event. Space becomes an instrument through which the soundbody flows. Drones and whistling emerge from different directions at different times. The human voice is abstracted through reverberations and resonances of the body of the singer, the tubes, the space. The visitor becomes an active cell in this body of sound and walls, where movement shapes his own particular experience. The labirynthic structure of the building resembles a human troath. Visitor, architecture and sound form a new body, a new organism of events and relations. The space is activated in various sonic ways, this net of inter-fluences creates the title resonor, I am being sounded.










> listen to an excerpt of a recording at the installation:









performance in resonor


Improvisation with Resonor

During the Exhibition of the installation Resonor Berlin 2018

Improviser, Instruments.

Once during the exhibition a performer was invited to perform inside and with the installation Resonor. The improviser Hardi Kurda used a specially prepared violin. During the performance he moved through the different hallways of the water reservoir exploring the possibilities of location and movement in relation to the overall soundscape and interacting with the installation itself. The installation becomes the score and inspiration for this improvisation. The soundbody of the piece is remodulated, poblated by new actors, who interfer shaping it anew.




bardo / བར་དོ་


Bardo / བར་དོ་

Crematory Südstern, Berlin 2016

3 channels: transducer, copper tubes, light source, gold foil. Transforming loop.

Bardo (from the Tibetan བར་དོ་ – intermediate state, in-between state, transitional state) relates to the constant evolving moment in between past and future: the Now. It is the change from one state into another, a flowing transformation of realities. This installation was located in the passageway of the underground area of a former crematory. Architectonically it is a zone in which bodies circulate from one space to another. Copper tubes were integrated into space and played by transducers. The metal of the tubes resonates by sine waves, the sound sources (invisible, hidden behind the copper tubes) become difficult to locate. The passageway points toward a golden shining door, rustling softly in occasional breezes. A sense of strangeness shapes the atmosphere.


> listen to an excerpt of a recording at the installation: