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Murmurs SOUND RESIDENCY @betOnest



OPENING on the 28th March at 6 pm with performances.

Exhibition running from 28th March to 16th May 2019.

Group Exhibition by the INTERMISSION COLLECTIVE at Rathaus-Galerie Reinickendorf in Berlin, for further information, see:

A town hall, or Rathaus, is one of the most conspicuous places where the state and its citizens interact. Not only is it a bureaucratic hub where endless paperwork is produced, but also a political space where an elected council rules on issues related to the local community. In this environment, citizens are guided by a set of predefined pathways that lead to institutional spaces and activities. Making use of a vast variety of approaches and languages, Intermission artists present their perspectives about the resilient anomic element interfering in every functional context. They explore possible patterns of meaning at the borders between socio-cultural structures and the metaphorical space of the anomy.

Artists: Agata Wieczorek, Angela Dwyer, Anne Marie Sampaio, Antti Pussinen, Assaf Hinden, Barbara Schober, Barbara Sanchez Barroso, Claudia Olendrowicz, Claudia Vitari, Daniela Delgado Viteri, Diana Pacelli, Doris Marten, FELL, Francesco Petruccelli, Ilka Raupach, Jennifer Öllerich, Jonas Büßecker, Jürgen Kellig, Katharina Bévand, Marc Oosting, Martin Sieron, Ori Jauch, Sarah Wohler, Swen Erik Scheuerling, Teresa Mayr, Thilo Droste, Yeongbin Lee.

Book Launch »Spuren – Architekturen – ProjektionenTraces – Architectures – Projections«

Bärenzwinger Berlin, 22nd March 2019 – 7 pm

At the end of the exhibition programme “Traces – Architectures – Projections”, which took place from September 2017 to January 2019 at Berlin’s Bärenzwinger, the catalog of the project will now be published with a comprehensive documentation of the exhibitions and events. With the kind support of the Senate Administration for Culture and Europe, cross-disciplinary funding.

Artists: Katharina Bévand, Natalie Czech, Mariechen Danz, EASTER, Andreas Greiner, Kerstin Honeit, Miriam Jonas, KAYA, Anne-Sophie Kneer, Julia König, Alaa Abdullatif, Linda Kuhn, Alex Lebus, NEOZOON, Pätzug / Hertweck, Lawrence Power, Reto Pulfer, Johannes Paul Raether, Marten Schech, Sarah Ancelle Schönfeld, Mirjam Thomann, Alvaro Urbano.

Madou Sugar Industry Art Triennial Tainan, Taiwan

1. February – 3. March 2019 

Nest – public sound installation

Artist residency at Tsung-Yeh AIR in Tainan, Taiwan 

October – December 2018

Artist residency together with Georgi Tomov Georgiev.

Dystopia – Festival for Sound Art

21-30 SEPTEMBER 2018                      

At Wasserspeicher, Meinblau Gallery, Errant Sound Project Space and various locations in the public space of Berlin (DE) 

Participating artists: Selçuk Artut, Mario Asef, Serges Baghdassarians, Givan Belá, Peter Cusack & Katharina Bévand, Alberto di Campo & Hannes Hoelzl, Alessandra Eramo, Ipek Gorgun, Sair Sinan Kestelli, Jacob Kirkegaard, Georg Klein, Brandon LaBelle, Ines Lechleitner & Tuçe Erel, Laura Mello, Kirsten Reese, Candaş Şişman, Liping Ting, Steffi Weismann & Özgür Erkok, Antje Vowinckel, Georg Werner, Jeremy Woodroof.Supported by Berlin Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa, organized by Errant Sound Berlin
In this first installment, the Sound Propositions series brings two artists and one duo with different takes on electroacoustic and electronic improvisation. Before the concert and on Saturday, the installation Farewell to a Dying Light will be on display.
@Petersburg Art Space
Kaiserin-Augusta Allee 101, 10553 Berlin,
courtyard, Aufgang II, 1.OG.
1.1 Fluttering Away by Katharina Bévand (DE)
Is about here and there, there and here, and the in-betweens. Soundcollages and -layers interfade with the flapping wings of my invisible bird.1.2 Jacob Eriksen (DK)
Stoic pulsations. Noisy drones. Contingent repetitions.1.3 Glenn (BR/UK)
Glenn makes sounds to summon Mothra.
モスラFarewell to a dying light (installation)
by Felipe Vaz
The buzz of fluorescent lights is the sound we most often associate to electricity, yet it will soon be extinct due to obsolescence of magnetic ballasts, already banned in the EU. In this installation, the lamps and brass instruments – performed by the musicians of Zinc & Copper – collaborate to give this dying man-made sound a proper burial.After the concert: Ezy Fischel on the decks
Ezy’s Dj-set conveys the listener into a deep blend of all that Jazz, underground electronica, disco not disco, dub space funkyness and experimental landscapes. For this special occasion, the musical journey will focus on ambient & experimental explorations.
Performances: Aug 3rd, 20:00
Installation: Aug 3rd, 17:00-20:00 and Aug 4th, 14:17:00
(suggested donation 5-10 € for the concerts, installation visit is free)
with works from Alex Lebus, Katharina Bévand, Marten Schech and
Lawrence Power

comissioned by Sebastian Häger & Julia Heunemann

// Opening on Thursday 12.07.2018 um 7 pm //

Exhibition: 13.07.2018 – 19.08.2018
Tuesday – Sunday 12 – 6 pm
free admission

Reflecting the spacial infrastructure in and around the Bärenzwinger, the exhibition ›Grabenblicke‹ explores site-specific dispositives of gaze and their effects on the relationships between identity and alterity. The view into the outdoor enclosures must clear a fence, a hedge, a wall, metal shark-tooth spikes, trenches and a wooden barrier. Behind these confining architectural elements the view eventually encounters itself: by means of modified mirrors, the expansive installation by ALEX LEBUS disrupts the architectural assignment of subject and object relations and unsettles the viewers’ position.
In the opposite enclosure the gaze falls upon a house, whose context, function and origin remains unclear, and that seems strangely out of place. With his work, MARTEN SCHECH transforms the artificial habitat once set up for the bears, including the boulders placed around the site, into both a stage and building material. The interior of the Bärenzwinger was long kept out of public view.
In the anteroom, LAWRENCE POWER unlocks the functional infrastructures already partly obsolete, lending pictorial expression. By duplicating and extending the present elements, he interprets the space itself as a canvas.
Via auditory means, KATHARINA BÉVAND’s sound installation ultimately surveys the architecture of the darkened Zwinger space and the cavities located opposite. Its sounds reflect from walls, ceilings and security grates – penetrating the segregating architectures at the same time.

The ROOM OF EYES – A performance evening in the Sudhaus, Kindl Brewery, Berlin – 5th July, doors: 8 pm.

Eyes in the dark looking, descending into the depths, exploring music in another dimension. Alchemical collaborations transmuting bass lines into sonic elixirs.

Dj’s from 20.30
21.30 Katharina Bevand
22.15 Lisa Stewart
23.00 Sener and the Oracle
23.30 Things Disappear

The room of eyes is a new performance platform questioning how we listen. When is music performance art and when is performance art music? We are interested in liveness, the performer and questioning the music industry as well as the consumption of music during this hyperactive epoch we find ourselves in.
How do we slow down, excite, seduce and observe the observer? What is the role of the listener and what do we owe to the performer? What is the role of the musician as artist and performer today? How do we create immersive total sound?
Do we listen through our eyes our ears or our senses? The Room of Eyes will create a monthly public ritual to transform its audience in the sonic Cathedral that is Konig Otto. Both at once a sacred and profane space you are invited to hear new narratives told through sounds and visions.

PERFORMING ARTS FESTIVAL BERLIN 2018, Schiller Bibliothek in Berlin-Wedding (Leopoldplatz) the 8th of June, 5 pm

Metamorphosaic (Metacorpus)

Metamorphosaic is a dance and sound performative installationby metacorpus: Katharina Bévand & Azzie McCutcheon

The piece explores the limits of perception, memory and notions of time. Room and bodies merge and fade into each other in a symbiotic manner through movement and sound. 

PATH OF AWARENESS (Pfad für aufmerksames Hören) – by the artist katrinem

On Friday 1st June ´18,  I will perform the Path of Awareness for the artist katrinem as part of the Long Night of Ideas and Humboldt Forum in Berlin. Starting point for this guided sound walk is the Humboldt Box every hour from 6 to 10 pm. If you can´t join today, we will perform again between now and September 2018, registration via:

Teaser of the path: , see her website:

THE CITY OF 1001 CHURCHES – a research travel with Peter Cusack to Ani

In may 2018 we explore the sounds of the historic site of ANI in eastern Turkey, Kars region, and its surroundings.


SPACE 21 FESTIVAL FOR SOUND ART – 7-21. April 2018 


Participation in the Festival with an installation piece and a sound performance held in Suleymaniyah & Erbil, Kurdistan, Iraq.

Participating artists: Cedrik Fermont, Klaas Hübner, Katharina Bévand, Jan Vormann, Gernas Haj Sheikhmous, Rebeen Hamarafiq, Tuukka Haapakorpi, Ali Assaf, Ali Ahmad, Clare Charnley, Hardi Kurda.

Berlin Sonic Places – A Brief Guide by Peter Cusack on 20. March 2018 / 7 pm Bookpresentation & performances at ECHO BÜCHER, Berlin         

Berlin Sonic Places – A Brief Guide by Peter Cusack
Edited by DAAD Artists-in-Berlin Program 2017, published by Wolke Verlag. Audio & photos available on the website.

Peter Cusack will discuss about his recent book and the Berlin soundscape with Sam Auinger and Carsten Stabenow, followed by two performances: Katharina Bévand – Iranian Tanbur & Peter Cusack – Field Recordings/Visuals.                                              

Musicperformance at the event Khorasan, Country of the rising Sun                                      at the Pergamon Museum for Islamic Art, Berlin

On December 7th 2017 I was honoured to perform at the Event “Khorasan, Country of the rising Sun”  in front of the Mshatta Facade in the Museum of Islamic Art at the Pergamonmuseum in Berlin. This was an event held in honour to the culture of Khorasan consisting of lectures, music and poetry related to this cultural area in Central Asia, which spans over Iran, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan.

KLANGTOUR 2017 at VIERTE WELT BERLIN                                                                       22.08 – Sunday. 27.08 | free admission  / Performances & Soundinstallations at and around Vierte Welt. 

Katharina Bévand (DE) | burgund t brandt (DE) | Chelsea Leventhal (USA) | Gregor Pfeffer (DE) | Felipe Vaz (BRA)

Five international artists will show different pieces and/or performances during 6 days in the center of Berlin Kreuzberg. I have the public soundinstallation Polyphonic Birds installed at Kottbuser Tor on Tuesday. 

I received a HONORARY MENTION at the sonotopia – bonn hoeren contest for sound art installations

The Beethoven Foundation for Art and Culture of the federal city of Bonn, Germany awarded young sound artists for their 3rd edition of the contest. On march 8th 2017 the official awards presentation for the sonotopia student competition took place in bonn’s Kunstmuseum. A total of 62 works from students from the following institutions were experienced on site and evaluated by a jury over the course of 2016: royal academy of art the hague (den haag), hbksaar (saarbrücken), hbk braunschweig, sound studies (udk berlin), bauhaus-universität / hfm weimar.  

Invitation to the opening of the soundinstallation Resonor:

Großer Wasserspeicher, Berlin Prenzlauer Berg

Opening: 3. february 2017 / at 6 pm,  Exhibition4. to 5. february 2017 / 12 am to 8 pm

The former big water reservoir situated in the district of Prenzlauer Berg in Berlin will open it´s doors for the soundinstallation and collaborative performance Resonor. This installation is an experiment of resonances between: the human voice & architecture….

Resonor is part of my Master Thesis project “Resonanz. Körper in Schwingung” (Resonance. Oscilating bodies) for the master in Sound Studies program at UDK Berlin. Thanks for the kind support of Förderband Kulturinitiative e.V., the Sound Studies department and all other involved persons.

It was nice to share a moment of improvisation with David Behrman during his lecture/performance at the Sound Studies Studio(UdK) in Berlin. Find an excerpt here:




I would kindly thank for received support by following institutions / sponsors / donors:

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