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On December 7th I was honoured to perform at the Event “Khorasan, Country of the rising Sun”  in front of the Mshatta Facade in the Museum of Islamic Art at the Pergamonmuseum in Berlin. This was an event held in honour to the culture of Khorasan consisting of lectures, music and poetry related to this cultural area in Central Asia, which spans over Iran, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan.



The collaborative research project with Peter Cusack in Turkey is supportet by the ifa in 2018.


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Di. 22.0 – So. 27.08 | Eintritt frei

Anfangszeiten werden kurzfristig  bekanntgegeben.Die Veranstaltungen finden in der Vierten Welt und im unmittelbaren Umfeld statt.

Residenz in der Vierten Welt: an fünf aufeinanderfolgenden Abenden werden fünf verschiedene Arbeiten, die sich zwischen Realisationsformen der Klanginstallation und Performance bewegen und sich dabei mit dem Stadtteil Berlin Kreuzberg auseinandersetzen, aufgeführt.

Katharina Bévand (DE) | burgund t brandt (DE) | Chelsea Leventhal (USA) | Gregor Pfeffer (DE) | Felipe Vaz (BRA)


I am honoured to receive a honorary mention from the sonotopia bonn – hoeren contest for sound art 2017 from the Beethoven Foundation for Art and Culture of the federal city of Bonn, Germany.  

Invitation to the opening of the soundinstallation Resonor

The former big water reservoir situated in the district of Prenzlauer Berg in Berlin will open it´s doors for the soundinstallation and collaborative performance Resonor. This installation is an experiment of resonances between: the human voice & architecture   






opening:             3. february 2017 at 6pm,         

performance:      4. february 2017 at 6pm 

exhibition:           from 4. to 5.2.2017 opening hours 12 am to 8 pm                                            

The installation  Resonor is part of the final Thesis “Resonanz. Körper in Schwingung” at the M.A. in Sound Studies, Udk Berlin. Thanks for the kind support of Förderband Kulturinitiative e.V. and the Sound Studies department of the University of Arts Berlin.

It was nice to share a moment of improvisation with David Behrman during his lecture/performance at the Sound Studies Studio(UdK) in Berlin.