Performing Arts Festival at Schiller Bibliothek Berlin 2018

Lightsources, Soundsystem with Subwoofer, Dancer

Metamorphoasic is an experiential sound and movement performance that blurs the line between performance and installation. It focuses on the re-imagining of a space as an abstracted version of reality. An audience enter a dark space as sounds begin to create vibrations throughout the room. Gradually they notice a body that moves in slow-motion, coming into and out of the light. Slowly things develop; movement begins to abstract, and light and sound fuse in a changing environment. An atmospheric environment is created, in which illusions of shifting time and form emerge in a symbiotic dialogue.

As an investigation into perception, into time and non-time, and into material and imagined memory, Metamorphosaic aims toward a re-evaluation of our mechanisms of experiencing and understanding the world on a physical, social and philosophical level. In a fast-paced world becoming increasingly overstimulated with a multitude of different inputs, questions of time (or non-time) seem ever more present.

What happens therefore when we enter a space in which everything appears to have momentarily stopped or slowed down, or in which the body present does not appear to follow the same laws of linear time, or in which darkness, light and sound engulf us into a feeling of unfamiliarity?

Metamorphosaic creates an atmosphere that invites the possibility of experiencing a body, a space, and an environment, other than how we might experience them in normal life; and an opportunity therein to question how we experience or perceive a body, or a space, or even reality itself. A mutual interest in the relationship between movement, sound, and space or architecture, as well as related philosophical discourses including theories of deceleration (“Entschleunigung”, see Byung Chul Han), and work by Cat Hope, Holge Schulze, and Jefta van Dinther, were the beginning of this movement and sound collaboration in progress.

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