To think about sound in terms of deepsound and surfacesound originates from my experimentation with sound in different ways: on one hand the vibration applied on surfaces and the sound of materials themselves which are the skins of the objects become surfacesounds – and the deepness refers to sound that conquers a space, merges into it and widens it, making things appear under the surface of it´s visual structure, mirroring or reflecting the architecture so that a new room or place emerges from the fusion and simbiotic relation between sound and architecture. Architecture becomes an envelope, a filter, a resonant body, an instrument. Architecture becomes the skin of the sound body.

surfacesound creates sculptural and location detached installations – which adapt to their place always, but still can be transferred to other places changing in their form but not in their essence – whilst deepsound relates to site-specificity in terms of a physical room, place or environment, creating works that cannot exist in a different place.


Resonor, Großer Wasserspeicher [Former Water Reservoir], Berlin, 2017