Big Water Reservoir Berlin 2017

4 sound channels: loudspeakers, metaltubes (3m, 5m, 6m, and 8m long). 30 min composed loop.

This site-specific soundinstallation explores the acoustics of the former water reservoir in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg, which has long been the host of the Singuhr Hörgalerie. Architecture becomes an active organic element to the installation, shaping the sound and its distribution, almost seeimng a being on its own. Objects, bodies and the building act as filters in an simbiotic interrelated interaction, which shapes the sonic event. Space becomes an instrument through which the soundbody flows. Drones and whistling emerge from different directions at different times. The human voice is abstracted through reverberations and resonances of the body of the singer, the tubes, the space. The visitor becomes an active cell in this body of sound and walls, where movement shapes his own particular experience. The labirynthic structure of the building resembles a human troath. Visitor, architecture and sound form a new body, a new organism of events and relations. The space is activated in various sonic ways, this net of inter-fluences creates the title resonor, I am being sounded.










> listen to an excerpt of a recording at the installation: