This installation is a research into the relations and dynamics between its bodies, it becomes clear how architecture, sound and location & body of the perceiving subject are in a continuously evolving process of tensions and interrelations. The labyrinthine structure of this water reservoir and it´s characteristic acoustic qualities create different points of hearing and invite the visitor to explore it while wandering trough it, with his body in motion. This piece is about physical acoustic resonance phenomena used as a filter, and resonance in a metaphorical sense related to the interplay of architecture, sound and movement. Visitor, architecture and sound form a body, a new organism of events and relations activated trough movement. Whistling passages and drones emerge and cease, activating the space in various sonic ways.

Hear excerpts of the installation:





[excerpt of recording]

 * please consider the impossibility of reproducing here the actual experience of the installation, specially because of the architecture of the water reservoir, which makes the sonic experience related to the position and movements of the receiver.