polyphonic birds

P1040575d.jpgP1040413Unbenannt-1P1040578c.jpgP1040692 Kopie.jpg

Installation in the public space, Kottbuser Tor Berlin, 2017.

Polyphonic birds weaves abstract sounds into the public sound environment which mostly originated from objects. Inspired by a squeaking fan in a restaurant in Thessaloniki which sounded like birds. The memory of a sound is contained in a cage which resembles our perception – others can access that memories and get an image of what we mean, but never have the same experience as we had. The old birdcages are all different and full of traces, with a story behind – thus becoming containers of memories. The sounds are captured memories played into a different space and time, exposed to new receptors.

The sound is not an imitation of bird´s singing, but creates an environment which could remind of the dynamics and character of active birds.

In the complex and busy acoustic place of Kottbuser Tor (Berlin) the loudspeakers emit a composition which fades into the acoustic structure of the place or raises over it like sparkles of light rise here and there on the surface of the ocean trough the movement of waves. The installations sounds and the sounds of the public place are in a symbiotic exchange of forces and relations.

Unlike birds, sounds are capable of escaping cages.





4 different speakers, continuous 4 channel loop, birdcages, public environment (Kotti)


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