polyphonic birds

P1040413Unbenannt-1P1040578c.jpgP1040692 Kopie.jpgP1040575d.jpg

4 channel soundinstallation in the public space, Neues Kreuzberger Zentrum at Kottbuser Tor Berlin, 2017

Polyphonic birds weaves abstract sounds from recorded objects in motion into the public sound environment of “Kotti” (Kottbuser Tor). The area is known as a multicultural neighbourhood. Of course, this mixture of people influences the local soundscape.

This work is inspired by a squeaking fan found on a travel in a restaurant in Thessaloniki which sounded like birds. The memory of a sound is contained in a cage which resembles our perception – others can access trough the reproduction of recorded sounds these memories we lived and get an idea of our experiences, but never have the same experience as we had. The old birdcages are all different and full of traces, with a story behind, becoming symbolic containers of memories. The captured  sounds are replayed into a different space and time, exposed to new perceiving subjects, blending into new surroundings. In the complex and busy acoustic urban space, from the loudspeakers sounds emerge and fade into the dense atmospheric whole. The acoustic structure of this place and the sound installation merge, sounds become difficult to dettach from the place of installment. Unlike birds, sounds are capable of escaping cages.

–> listen to an excerpt of a recording at the installation:


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