Nervous System

Nervous System is a generative sound installation in the Small Water Reservoir with a modular synthesizer setup. From a starting … More

Electromagnetic Spiral

4 channels, WAV Player, 16 min Loop. Electromagnetic sounds known to cause interference sounds in radio and the clatter of … More

les ephemeres

“les ephemeres” is a duo composed of Katharina Bévand and Stéphane Lefrancois. They perform on a modular setup, extended by … More

corroding loop(s)

Schausammlung Open Call, LTK4, Cologne 2020 5 Kanäle, WAV Player, 8 min Loop. Corroding loop(s) is a site-specific sound installation … More


3 channels, 5 min loop. Ecken, meaning corners, highlight the ceiling texture of the entrance area of Villa Heike in … More

V² – Vertikal Volumen

8 channels, 18 min loop. A former boiler room is emphasized and acoustically explored in its verticality. For this purpose, … More