Katharina Bévand (1988, Munich/Canary Islands) uses sound as a medium to explore space and materials. Currently based in Berlin, she studied Fine Arts at the universities of Málaga (Spain), Incheon (South Korea), São Paulo (Brazil); and recently completed the Master Sound Studies at the University of the Arts in Berlin. In 2017 her piece “Transorchestra” received an honorary mention from the Sonotopia – Bonn Hoeren European contest for sound art.

Her installations explore the sound and resonance of objects, rooms, and the human body. The acoustic qualities of places and structures become the base for site-specific sound installations. She is interested in the creation of atmospheric environments and the spatial quality of sound which is able to generate changes in perception trough the movement of the body in space. In-betweenness appears as a concept in her artistic practice trough the exploration of surfaces, transparency, light and vibration. She started to investigate the influence between architecture body and sound trough the construction of a metaphori- cal and poetic reflection. Here concepts and metaphors of the human body enter in a symbiotic relation with architecture and sound. Architecture and sound become beings with bodies, flesh, organs and skin which the perceiver may circulate and influence as well. Furthermore, besides architecture and Sound Art, she is exploring the particularities of Central Asian music and interested in the investigation of culture specific sounds.


Photo credit: Peter Cusack