Katharina Bévand is a sound artist based in Berlin. She creates site-specific sound installations, sound sculptures, and performs on modular synthesizers. She works with processed field recordings, extended recording techniques and the resonance of spaces and objects.  She recently received a research grant from the Berlin Senate and is part of Goldrausch Künstlerinnenprojekt 2021. In 2017 she was honored by “bonn hoeren – sonotopia” of the Beethoven Foundation for Arts and Culture Bonn and she has been a board member of the Berliner Gesellschaft für Neue Musik e.V between 2018-20. She exhibited internationally at FK:K IV Festival in Bamberg, LTK4 in Cologne, DARB1718 in Egypt, Madou Sugar Factory Art Triennale in Taiwan, Dystopia Festival for Sound Art in Berlin, and Space21 Festival in the Autonomous Region of Kurdistan in Northern Iraq, and in the communal Galeries Berlin, among others. In 2018, she received funding from the Institute for Foreign Relations and the Goethe Institut Erbil.